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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 6, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning on "early today," mercury rising. a large swath of the u.s. enters another day of relentless heat, but is there a light at the end of the tunnel. exit wound. shocking new video shows the moments leading up to a huge pile-up on dallas off-ramp. and out with a bang. a technical glitch causes all of san diego's fourth of july fireworks go off at once. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. and today we begin with going to extremes. relief could be in sight for millions of americans who have
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endured nearly a week of record-breaking heat, but the dangerous heat wave forecast to break this weekend in many parts of the country is still not over yet. nbc's dan sheneman has the story. >> reporter: 92 degrees before 9:00 a.m. the temperature eventually soared to 108, two degrees high of the city's all-time record. the city's heat is blamed for this buckling pavement sfroo from wisconsin to texas, you're seeing streets buckling all over the place. >> reporter: with no relief in sight for friday, they've canceled all of summer's classes. it's much the same for the nation as far north as milwaukee. to make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of americans are in their sixth day without electricity after last week's storms. they're still waiting for relief from the heat and their frustration. >> when they told me july 8th this morning, i cried. it's -- i couldn't believe it.
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i had actually broken at that point. >> reporter: forecasters say that relief may come by the end of the week. >> by this weekend and early next week it's going to feel more comfortable. >> reporter: cooler temperatures without significant rains will do lit toll help the extremely dry conditions affecting two-third os testify country. dave says his farm hasn't had decent rain since april 159. >> basically we're considering this to be a total loss. >> reporter: the government warns that the corn is in its worst shape in 20 years. prices are up 25% in just the last three weeks. elsewhere president obama has hit the road on a two-day re-election bus tour. he started off in ohio, seen as a key state in his campaign against republican mitt romney, and it's probably no coincidence that ohio's economic recovery has been one of strongest in the nation. nbc's steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: kicking off his bus
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trip to the battlegrounds of ohio and pennsylvania, president obama went to maumee near tol o toledo, ohio, and detroit. its blue collar car-making country. he claimed he saved a million auto industry jobs. >> governor romney said we should just let detroit go bankrupt. i refuse to turn my back on communities like this one. and three years later the american auto industry is coming roaring back. >> reporter: unemployment in ohio and pennsylvania is now almost a point below the national average. mitt romney knows no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. as romney took time off to go boating, two men said to be under consideration as romney's running mates tim pawlenty and bobby jindal went to ohio to counter the obama trip. >> half of our graduates will be unemployed or underemployed coming out of college thank to this president's policies.
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with obama care he promised costs would go down and they could keep it and now the incredible studies say health care costs are going up. >> reporter: but the president figures the popularity of his health care plan is going up since the supreme court ruled it constitutional. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our health care laws, but the law i passed is here to stay. >> reporter: a fight over health care and jobs in a battleground state. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. well, in florida, a $1 million bail has been set for george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer o who shot and killed trayvon martin. zimmerman's original $150,000 bond was revoked last month after the judge ruled he and his wife weren't honest about their finances. yesterday the judge said the higher amount was necessary to ensure that zimmerman would show up for his trial on
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second-degree murder charges. zimmerman's attorney said he can't make the bail and are making a plea for online donations. and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in dallas, newly released video shows the moment of impact when a small commuter bus slams into four cars on a highway off-ramp. ouch. you can see the force of the chain reaction crash which injured two people, but it also appears to show the driver of the bus not hitting the brakes until it was too late. police investigators say that driver was not paying attention. whoa. well, in tennessee, a pentecostal church pastor has no plans to stop using live snakes as part of his sermons. he does so in violation of the state law of being in possession of venomous snakes. he admits being bitten four times. church members are allowed to handle the snakes. he says you don't pick up the
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snake unless the spirit moves you. and finally in st. louis, this has bellyache written all over it. i know. sorry. a two-foot hot dog is being rolled out at the stadium. called appropriately the giant slugger. it weighs a pound. guys, do we really need this? that's before you add the chili and all the other toppings. the cost is heavy too. 26 bucks. lit feed you for a couple of days. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. >> the calorie count won't be coming with that one. >> that sounds right up my alley. >> i'd pay you a lot of money. good morning, everyone. the amazing heat we told you about at the beginning of the show continues. look at the heat that spreads all the way to the east coast. there wasn't many cities that didn't hit 100 degrees yesterday.
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it was highlighted by the 103 in chicago, 105 in st. louis. 104 in lurchlt the heat's really held this morning. it feels like 93 in st. louis. i think today is going to be the peak of the heat for some of these areas, and then we're going to cool it off for the weekend. so the heat warning's in place if many of these locations. we're going to go around 106 in st. louis, 105 in louisville. 103 in chicago. 103 once again for washington, d.c., and raleigh. everyone else is in the 90s. this is about the peak of it and today will be really bad. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look outside your window. we also have rain this morning up in the dakotas. that's the beginning of the cool-off. if you're in bismarck, minot and fargo, you may get heavy rains. warm conditions, as we mentioned, pretty much everywhere. this is going to be a historic day for you, lynn berry.
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you may experience the hottest temperature you may have ever felt when you arrive in chicago. >> i'm afraid to hop on the airplane. bill, thanks so much. wall street waits on june jobs, the retailer that sold well when others didn't, and the world's most expensive divorce settlement. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, a famous director, and a-list cast and an original story. so why does this film have no chance at the weekend box office? the knicks signed a future hall of famer, and serena muscles her way into the final at wimbledon. you're watching "early today."
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good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. the u.s. is threatening bashar al assad with global sanction.
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a new parliamentary report in japan has found that the fukushima nuclear crisis was a preventable disaster, results from a collusion by the plant operator, the government, and regulators. the report criticized the power company and the prime minister who resigned last year. a new satellite view shows the scorched earth left by the waldo canyon fire in colorado, surrounded by the red false color image of trees and plants. firefighters in western states are getting some relief today, help from heavy rain. and oops in san diego where the big fireworks display was really big on the fourth of july. the entire eechking's program of fireworks exploded right away all at once due to a technical glitch. and prince william has been given scott land's highest honor. they attended the ceremony awarding william the order of the thistle.
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second in order only to the guarder and how here's an look. the dow opens at 12, 896 after losing 478 points yesterday. the s&p was down 6. the nasdaq added a fraction. taking a look at overseas trading this morning in tokyo the nikkei dipped 59 points while in hong kong the hang seng fell 8. stocks edged lower thursday on jitters over job numbers coming out later today. june's government employment data is expected to show the economy added an anemic 90,000 jobs keeping hiring down. that will likely increase concerns of recovery here is losing steam. light post-holiday volume along with those job worries put an end to the s&p 500's strongest three-day run of the year. financials were hit hard. jpmorgan chase fell over 4%. bank of america was off 3%. thursday's data showing stronger
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private hiring drew little attention. investors were also unmoved by chinese, european and english moves to lower rates which sent the euro lower against the dollar. lower in two and a half years. convinced that european debt is strangling growth here and i broad. meanwhile spain's ten-year borrowing costs rose despite the emergency aid plachblt costco's, macy's, kohl's, and target were among the major disappointing sales. t.j. maxx and home goods bucked that trend jumping on a sales boost. yo orasure technology jumped up, awith its home hiv test being approved. cnbc reminds us the world's all-time most expensive divorce settlement belongs to rupert
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murdoch and his former wife anna. he paid her 1.7 billi$1.7 billi their 1999 split. so it could be worse. well, coming up, the nats sweep, youkilis gets more comfortable in white sox, and record aces at wimbledon. plus, the mets' improbable ninth inning comeback against phillies' top closer. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. nobody wants the weekend to end but we do want the heat wave to end. that will happen. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." and in sports, dashed in their attempts to sign point guard steve nash. the knicks settled for a surefire future hall of famer. here's nbc's mario solis with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. another day, another big signing in the nba. jason kidd is leaving dallas and headle to the big apple. signing a three-year, $9 million with the knicks. they may lose a budding perennial all-star. according to reports they have offering jeremy lin a $30 million contract. the knicks have until july 14 to
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match it. the race have pulled out of of the ray allen sweepstakes. they signed chauncecy billups and jamal crawford. allen met with miami yesterday. to baseball now, thrilling ending between the phils and mets. new york down one with two outs in the ninth. sacks full. murphy plunged papelbon. he scrambles, can't make the play. everyone's safe and in comes a run. gets the rbi bloop single to fall. mets get to papelbon and get a win, 6-5. cheer up, philly fans. ryan howard is expected to make his season debut tonight. similar situation between the nats and giants after washington ties it in the ninth. adam laroche wins it. grounds it to second. giants try to turn a double play. can't make it off. nats rally to sweep the giants, 6-5. not a bad week for kevin youkilis. smacks his second home run as a member of the white sox yesterday. bond to right gives chicago the
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lead. that's the difference. they beat the rangers 2-1. serena williams blasts her way into the finals. she ended the match with another ace. she'll try to win her fifth wimbledon title tomorrow. and that's your look at sports on "early today." i'm mario solis. well, spider-man weaves his web around the box office. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, everyone loves new puppies, right? well, that tlooer is being put to a big test by one north carolina family. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." let me take you to your end of the heat wave forecast. today, very hot. triple digits all the way from kansas to virginia, chicago, one of the highlights there. 103. minneapolis, thunderstorms, 94. you are the first big city to cool off in this heat wave. as we get to saturday's forecast, notice chicago, 91. the kooft frocool front moves o you. d.c., 101 to 102. by the time we get to sunday just about everyone is done with thetrile digit heat. about time. if you're watching us in baltimore, maryland, check out this exhibit. mathematics can be fun. i have a hard time saying they.
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especially when lasers are involved at the mass midway maryland science center. and that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. i was really scarred by calcu s calculus. and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. the latest crime-fighting superhero has taken all of the suspense out of top firm. "the amazing spider-man" has taken in just under $60 million in its first two days. this weekend it's expected to take in as much as $60 million or more to easily finish number one. katy perry "part of me" is a mix of reviews and interviews, backstage scenes and concert footage, all of which will appeal to teen and preteen girls. plus being in 3-d it's going to bring in more money. oliver stone's star-studded drug drama "savages" is a mid-budget film with an original story. the problem is with its opening scheduled this weekend it will get pounded by one of the comic
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book blockbusters there are way too many of. and sadly that plus an "r" rating make its expectations low at around $10 million. hey, they just told me to say it. this comes from witn news in washington, north carolina, in greenville where they're going to need to bring in dog food by a truck load. these because a great dane named bella gave birth to 17 puppies. her owners didn't expect bella to deliver so many. even when they thought bella was done, she still had two more to go. now the owners will try to find new homes for the litter of pups. be careful, bill. you're going get a phone call later today. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station.
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triple hhh, hazy, hot, and humid today. it's already like that at 4:28 in the morning. just nyucky outside this mornin. >> welcome to "news4 today." for this friday, july 6th, 2012. >> right now, the current temperature is 80 degrees outside our studios. today's chance at a record heat could cause a big power problem. a bigger power problem. pepco says the high temperatures along with damage from last week's storm and a high demand for power are all adding stress to its electrical system. in fact, the company says it's
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asking customers to conserve energy today. things you can do before you leave home this morning to help in that effort, set your thermostat a little bit higher. shut the windows and doors to try to keep cool air in, and move heat sources away from thermostat, things like your tv or lampsos the ac does not run longer than it needs to. also, metro relaxing strict policy on no drinks due to the extreme heat. the transit agency says passengers can bring water only on trains and buses today, tomorrow, and sunday. the warning from metro, too, it is still planning to do some track work this weekend so trains could be delayed and leave you in the heat longer. >> dangerous heat. you need to stay fully hydrated pep when they say bring water on board, bring water on board. do it. carry it with you. >> and a lot of times people are sayi saying, come on, it's common sense. we always say people who fall ill to the heat but it's going to be bad today. 101 is what


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